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Happy Birthday!!! :3c, also can't wait for the game to release! :>

This was so fun!!! I can't wait for the full thing, this demo was AMAZING!! I CANT WAITAAAHV!!<3

rooting for the full version 👏

I really adore the game up until now! It really is nice to see more cute horror types of rpg maker games, I always look for more of them!

As for what I think... I would say that perhaps the backstory of MC might be too on the nose, as in telling about the imaginary friends. I might be completely mistaken, and it has way more in it, however, personally it would be more fun to let the player find the story themselves perhaps. A bit of mystery to make the player curious is always good! However it's just a suggestion, I still do love it.

The second puzzle wasn't very clear at first, as it was dispersed into two rooms instead of one, so took a bit trial and error.

 About the rose room, there are some invisible walls at the upper left, I believe the second and third row at the left. Not sure if only happened to me, but just in case I'm sharing what I experienced.

For last... I guess the gameplay is too linear? I tried doing different things or even tried to upset characters, however, nothing happened that could punish me for it. At the horror parts it would be great to have some punishment, a game over, if something is done wrong, is what I'm trying to say?

Aside of that, I love the MC and how her real self and dream self have differences in design. I look forward for updates or other future works!


I had a good time with this game! I really like how this game is very cute and cheerful from the outside while maintaining a dark tone! I'm not sure if there was any other way of making the game window full screen but so far there was not any setting for that! Otherwise! Keep up the good work!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Thank you so much for playing my game and making the play through! ♡ I really enjoyed the video! Please rest assured I am doing my best to work on a full screen option for the final game, so no need to worry! Thank you so much!~


I loved it ! ! Can't wait for the game ! ! ! ;)

Thank you very much! ♡ I'm really happy you liked it!

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it's so perfect!!!!Excited for the game i wonder when it will be available!!


Thank you so much! ♡ I'll do my best~


Hello !

Just passing by to say ur demo is very cute and fun, love the concept of the history and the artstyle ~~

Hope you finish the project !

Btw small recommendation : The font on the menu being white with the white background is kinda hard to see, so maybe increase the trin on the letters or maybe make them other colour its a good call.

Anyway have a day ~~

Thank you so much for playing! ♡ I'll keep that in mind! Have a lovely day as well~


average Manlybadass hero enjoyer:

average manlybadass hero enjoyer

anyways after figuring out how to play the game and here are my criticisms:

Puzzles too hard (ik i have skill issue but i was born with paraffinoma and cant solve problems as good as everyone else so maybe make easier puzzles in full release? idk ur call)

yea thats abt it and everything else especially how you set up the story was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 cant wait for the full game


yea can't deal with hard puzzles i want to enjoy the experience more


Thank you so much for playing! ♡


woahh the game is cool! i really it!! tho the demo is short.... but the game is still amazing!! i cant wait for the release of the full game~

Thank you so much for playing! ♡

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"yo mistah white why isnt the game starting. bitch?"

"Jesse i think you messed up the download."

"mistah white i didnt mess up the download i literally cant even click the play button"

Albuquerque to unveil statues of Breaking Bad's Walter White and Jesse  Pinkman | Breaking Bad | The Guardian

"dont be ridiculous Jesse theres no way the creator posted an unfinished game, let me try-"

walt finding out the game cant be started

"aw great thanks a lot Heisen-turd we cant even play this cool looking game"

El Camino: What Happened to Jesse Pinkman After All? | Vanity Fair

LOL OMG This comment certainly made me laugh! I'm sorry to hear that! The controls for the game are Z/Enter and arrow keys! So if you tried clicking the play button with your mouse and cursor, it won't work! I hope that fixes the issue, thank you for your interest and thank you for making me laugh! ♡


"jesse apparently youre supposed to use Z/Enter, the creator said so"

walt after getting info on how to play the game

"no way mistah white it worked finally, ive been stuck staring at the screen for 15 hours yo"

jesse after walts revelation

So happy for Jesse and Walter ♡ It finally worked!


big fan of  rpg games- bigger fan of cute concepts mixed with horror ! loved this demo. it was intriguing and visually stunning. can't wait to see u work on it more :)

Thank you so so much! I'm really happy you liked it! I'll do my best! ♡


Bro this may just be a demo but it's really cool and I would love to see more of what you do to the full game

That's very kind of you to say, I'm so happy! Thank you! ♡ I'll do my best~


Rahh..! This is a very cool and interesting game! Though I'm kinda sad that the demo is short.. I enjoyed the game and storyline! I really loved Laletta and the teddies and the small puzzles!

When I arrived to the first horror/gore kinda scene I was creeped out .. veery very creeped out but also kinda fun in some way! I really loved this game, I'm really looking forward to the full version/full game! Do your best!!

Thank you so much for playing! ♡ I'm very happy! I'm glad that you liked it~ I'll continue to do my best, thank you once again!


I love this so much!

Thank you so much, I'm really happy! ♡


No problem! The game is very unique despite using the RPG Maker and simple puzzles, the world building and art just adds so much personality and uniqueness to it, and the customisation of menus and layout makes this stand out so much. I love how everything falls into place and how even the smallest detail feels intentional. I also liked how the horror was building up slowly and wasn't over the top. I was a little sad when the demo was over and look forward ot the full release! I just know this game is gonna be AMAZING!


Ahh This Game is very interesting but why's the demo so shorttt!  (T^T)

I can't wait for more lore to unfolds, and love all the charters and the world building so far!

One small critique is the screen size are so small and i can't resize them, so I hope it is possible in the full version.

and also for the painting puzzle I think it's better to solve them first before giving me access to the hidden teddy bear room

10/10 cute characters would look forward playing it when it's full done! Followed!

Thank you so much for the play through! ♡ I'm glad you enjoyed my game! I will be sure to look into a full screen alternative for the final game! Thank you very much~

looking forward for the full release!


I like how it looks visually

Thank you very much! ♡

Deleted 6 days ago

Absolutely! Had to include a reference for my favourite YouTuber after all! ♡

Deleted 6 days ago


Yay! ♡


Seems nice, I wish it will be out very soon because I wanna play it! 

Thank you very much! I will continue to do my best! ♡



Thank you so much! I'll do my best~ ♡

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Me : aww this game is so sweet and cute..but i prefer horror ones

5 min  later : nevermind !this is going to be awesome..perfect combination ..

sorry if i can't read..english is not my language


Thank you so much for the play through! ♡ I enjoyed watching it!


I like the character models and the colors. Interesting story and concept. The music is also great at its moments. However, I was curious why in the first puzzle there was only one twinkle for one number and no twinkle for the other numbers, so I had to explore and interact with all the objects one by one. Overall good game and I'm really waiting for the full version.

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm really happy! Thank you for the play through video as well. ♡ There was a twinkle only for one number because it would have been too tedious to interact with every single chocolate rose, whereas with the other two numbers, the display cases each have different dialogue which makes it easier and more interesting to interact with and find the numbers yourself! Thank you once again!


what to say, I loved this, Looking forward for the full version :0<3

Thank you so much for playing! ♡


OMG !! this game is so cool i'm so in love with the graphics for just a demo it looks really professional i love this i cant wait for the full game to release!!! 

Awww I'm really flattered! Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm so happy! ♡


I would love to know where I could find the update log and its content.

Thank you so much for your interest! ♡ I am active on all my social media linked on the game page under 'Links', but mainly my Twitter. If you're interested in exclusive behind the scenes content then please consider checking out my Ko-Fi as well to help support/fund the game in exchange for regular updates! Thank you once again~


Excited 4 the full game. Keep going!

Thank you so much! ♡ I'll do my best~


Hi- I'm so confused- The begin wouldn't work, neither remember or forget, am I supposed to do something other than pressing those buttons because I'm really dumb :sob:

Sorry about that! The controls on the title screen are Z to click! The enter button should work too! Thank you ♡


Thank you!


Loved the art style, and am very interested to see how the story unfolds as you continue to work on it! Thank you so much for sharing your game demo! Looking forward to seeing the full release. 

I played this for my YouTube, if anyone wants to check out the video in another tab then follow this link!


Thank you so much for playing! I loved your play through! ♡



I streamed your game last night. Overall, I think the art, character design, and broad strokes of the story concept are interesting, but from a game play perspective, it's has fundamental flaws.

Before diving into any critique on the game itself, I have a critique of your store page and how it may not technically be lying, but it is very much deceitful; when stating the game has "voice acting" but the voice acting amounts to just adlib grunts and single word-samples may *technically* be voice acting, I think most expect a voiced story when you use "voice acting" as a part of your game's sales pitch. I hope you clarify this on the store page as soon as possible, and hopefully it will differ in the final release.

On to critiquing the game:
The character is cute and the concept for the game is interesting. I wasn't able to make it very far into the game to provide much feedback beyond that on the story/writing. This is partially due to how I format my streams (limiting games to just 35 minutes), but also due to technical decisions within the games design that I would encourage you to avoid in future iterations.
The game clearly wants to railroad the player a very specific way, and it seems there is compensatory logic developed specifically to prevent the player from engaging with the game the way they want, which not only just makes it boring to play from a game play perspective, removing any of the fun of game play surprises, but also leads to confusing design. I wasted a large amount of my 35 minutes trying to solve a puzzle that I *technically* should have solved right away, but because I interacted with the puzzle element before the game wanted me to, the puzzle piece didn't activate, making me assume it was a deadend, sending me on a wild goose chase when I had already discovered the correct path.
*If you are going to build railroad logic into your game to prevent you player from playing the game the way they want,* then I highly suggest making sure that is clear in your design. A door that prevent players from interacting with puzzle pieces before the intended point in the story, or a message on a lock box that prevents the player from fiddling with it until they have found the combination will prevent players being confused and/or wasting their time. However, once again, I think railroad design is fundamentally flawed and should be avoided since this leaves little to be surprised about when it comes to the game play.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.


Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to both play my game and write such a detailed review about it! I'm really honoured. ♡ I watched the entire segment of you playing my game and I left it with a lot of notes for improvement, so I'm really grateful! 

As for the voice acting, usually, for RPG-horror games like these, the community considers 'voice acting' just the gasps and laughs, and many other games have pitched their works with that description! I think what would make it different is writing 'fully voiced dialogue', but I can still definitely see how my description might have been confusing! Therefore, I'll change it to 'voice acting sound effects'. Thank you!

As for the railroading comment, I completely agree! Thank you for pointing it out. I didn't want players to speed-run the first locked puzzle as you mentioned, since I put time and effort into it, but your unique outlook on the fact that some people might consider it fun to 'outsmart the dev' has changed my mind! I will change it in game to avoid that railroad. Thank you! I will also change the second one with the chocolates. ♡

Once again, thank you so much for playing my game and giving your feedback, and I'll do my best from now on to make it the best game possible!

I have problems with downloading it. Whenever i download this and try to open it, it shows me commands that were used to program it or something like that. For a second I thought it was  a program...

Oh! Sorry about that! The inside of the game may look like that, so I think you're still on the right track. Have you tried clicking the icon that says Game.exe? That's the one to run the game! ♡ Please ignore any other confusing files. Thank you!


This is such a cute and creepy game , I can't wait till the full game is out. 😁

Thank you so much, I'll do my best! ♡









Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm really happy! ♡


Amazing game!!!!Can't wait to play the full game! So many details♡

Just one suggestion, I wish I can change the size of the window, it's a little bit hard to read, I'm reading from OBS.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I'll do my best! ♡

I understand! I've been looking into a full screen option, so hopefully it will be sorted out for the final game! Thank you~

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i make weejio of the game and it good maybe spice the characters a little :) nah i joking 

Thank you for playing! ♡



I'm really happy to hear it, thank you! ♡


So far, I think that this game looks very promising. Great job!

Thank you for the lovely play through! ♡


Wow, this game looks really cool and promising! The plot looks really interesting and I'm excited to see how it'll go

May Mr. Scruffy(the bear) rest in peace.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm very happy! RIP Mr. Scruffy! ;-;


I can't wait for the future game! from what i have seen for now (demo spoiler alert) for me it looks like that character have DID tbh, and idk if you ever thought, but what about an easter egg when entering "laletta" on the menu? just some random thought, anyway, very nice game :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! ♡

To answer your theory... (Laletta does not have DID! But that would have been a very interesting concept!)

I might consider that easter egg, thank you! Although I have Ko-Fi membership tiers which allow members to suggest their own easter eggs with whatever they want, so I'll see if someone suggests that themselves~

Thank you once again!

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